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As a reseller of Spa Telecoms you will have access to our great wholesale rates. You will have access to our online faults system where you can do live line tests; You are in full control of what happens between you and the customer.

You are responsible for:

  • Sales
  • Faults
  • Customer Services
  • Bad Debt
  • Customer Care
  • Billing your customers

What Spa Telecoms will do for a reseller:

  • Train staff to use our online systems
  • Provide you with the data to bill your customers
  • Access to our support team
  • Answer any questions you may have

Why Spa Telecoms over other wholesalers?

  • Spa Telecoms gives you access to the live online fault system. Allowing you to test a line and to log a fault with Openreach, while your customer is on the phone to you.
  • Our outstanding partner support team
  • The range of products open to resellers
  • Custom build APIs allowing you to automate your process
  • Call our partner support team on 08435 6000 40

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Please feel free t give us a call on 08435 6000 40 and ask for partner support if you have any more question or you can email us at