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Superfast Fibre Broadband

Our Superfast Fibre Broadband (or FTTC) will keep your business up to speed with all of your downloading needs. FTTC will provide you with up to 80mbps download speed as well as upto 20mbps upload speed.

Fed up with your current broadband speed? If so, we are now taking orders for FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) which will enable you to get a much higher speed than is currently available on ADSL and ADSL+ circuits.

We can also offer BT Infinity though our BT Retail partnership with cash back!

Key features

  • Up to 80mbps download speeds*
  • Up to 20mbps upload speeds*
  • Truly Unlimited Downloads†
  • No setup/transfer fees†
  • Free Email address
  • Setup support
  • Free Router†
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*Maximum speeds only, real speed maybe less depending on location.
†Depending on what package is picked