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Get Your Local Wolverhampton (01902) Number Today

Local Geographical Area numbers let your business advertise in another area of the UK with the local area code. You don't need an office in this area, our platform will reroute the call for you direct to your current office number.

Key Features

  • Divert on Busy / No answer
  • Multiple Divert
  • Number Display
  • Call Whisper
  • Get your number today
  • Hide your existing number

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Other Benefits

  • Look just like a Wolverhampton business with a virtual 01902 number

  • Advertising in the Yellow Pages using a local phone number. Even if your head office is the other side of the country.


If you are an existing Spa Telecoms customer you are able to pay for your Wolverhampton (01902) number on your monthly bill. New customers can pay rental annually. A £10 call usage credit (£20 required to divert to a mobile) will also be requried.

Monthly Rental : £3.50

Annual Rental: £42.00

Divert to Landline Per a Minute: 1.4p
Divert to Landline Per a Minute: 8.9p

Where is Wolverhampton?