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SMS Messenger - Online Mobile Messaging Service

Messenger is an online mobile text messaging tool kit, that enabling you and your business to instantly communicate with groups of people, any size, anywhere!

Powerful Marketing Tool

It is also a powerful marketing tool, 97.5% of all text messages are read within the first five seconds of being received. The average response rate for SMS campaigns are 28% (direct mail 2.8%), making sms marketing one of the most effective marketing methods out there today.


Key features

  • From 2.8p per a text
  • Sign up via a text ‘YOURBRAND’ to 60777
  • Free Opt-out service
  • Scheduled messaging
  • Free trial
  • No Contract

How might I use this within my business?

Messenger has a variety of uses from increasing sales to improving customer care.

For example:

  •  By Sending out appointment reminders e.g. Dentists /doctor's/hairdressers appointments and (therefore reducing the cost of missed appointments).
  • If your business runs on annual renewals e.g. MOTs, you can schedule the message to be sent out to your clients closer to the expiry date.
  • Instantly broadcast a message to your client or employee e.g delivery delays, transport cancellation, school /office closures, adverse weather closures, etc.
  • Broadcast weekly offers or discounts

To take advantage of our free trial sign-up to Messenger now, and receive 10 free credits.