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Residential Lines

We provide a high quality of service lines at a low price.

Our standard prices for residential monthly line rental is only £11.00 Inc. VAT

Lines are subject to a minmum 30 day contract, and if you stay with us for longer than 6 months, we will pay the transfer fees, which makes moving to us free. Our line transfer fee is normally £3.71.


Cool low cost features,

We offer an Answering Service 1571 for £1.50/month, which allows you to have a low cost voicemail system. Add remote listening for an extra £1/month. We can even get it to text you when you have a message (extra charges apply).

You have full access to our online help centre explaining how to use these features in order to get their full potential.

Cool features for only 45ppcm

  • Caller Display, See Who's Calling!
  • Call Barring, Stop Numbers From Calling You!
  • Call Diversion, Redirect Your Calls!
  • Call Waiting
  • Reminder Call

Call Packages

Cut costs by adding a call package to your phone line. You can even build your own! Go to or click here. If no call packages are added you will be charged at our standard residential rates, please see

Expert Fault Handling

In the event of a fault, Spa Telecoms has an expert team waiting for your call. They will do their best to fix the problem straight away, but if they are unable to do so, they can transfer your calls to another number within 20 minutes of being notified*.

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For full instructions on how to sign up, please go to or click here.

*Office hours apply
All prices inculde VAT and are subject to change.